Lighting, A/V and PA Hire

We can supply sound and lighting equipment to your site anywhere in the UK, and have our experienced engineers install and operate it. We have a comprehensive range that will meet all your requirements, small or large.

We provide the very best in sound systems from our range of L` Acoustic loudspeakers hire stock. Our small to medium system uses the L` Acoustic 8xt and 12 Xt loudspeakers upto the larger arena system with the L` Acoustics ARCS system. We can provide the latest in digital mixers from our range of Roland v mixers M300, M380 and M480 surfaces providing up to 60 inputs. On stage monitor facilities can be provided with our Roland Cat 5 REAC digital system enabling a digital split to an on stage digital console.

We offer conventional lighting systems using Par cans, Fresnel, profiles lanterns with dimmers and moving fixtures, along with a range of Led lighting products. We have lighting desks from Avolites Peal, Titan and Tiger touch.

Trussing systems can be provided as per event requirements.

Lighting and PA Hire

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Get in Touch today to find out how we can help with all your sound and lighting needs, whether for a small room or a 50,000 seat stadium.